The Power of TypeStyler

Welcome to TypeStyler, a creative environment that brings Macintosh ease-of-use to display typography. The Macintosh is known for impressive graphics; TypeStyler converts type into the kind of editable, flexible graphical objects that built the Macintosh reputation. With TypeStyler you can easily but dramatically customize type styles, freely bending, slanting, and stretching, resizing, changing colors, adding fills and shadows--and recycling your work to save time and effort without limiting your creativity.

Projects that used to take hours can be done in minutes with TypeStyler. You can use TypeStyler to create web-ready graphics, headlines, ads, logos, labels, signs, book covers, illustrations, stationery, presentations, posters, and cards.

Because it offers unique styling capabilities, some techniques used in TypeStyler may be new to you. This Help Book will help you learn how to take full advantage of all of TypeStyler's features. You should already be familiar with your Macintosh and printer and should understand basic Macintosh techniques, such as pointing, clicking and dragging the mouse, selecting options from menus, opening and saving files and using scroll bars. More advanced issues are explained in the chapters of this User's Guide and its appendices.