Path Magic

Under the Object menu you will find TypeStyler's Path Magic tool.

TypeStyler's Path Magic tools can produce amazing custom path designs in seconds. To achieve the same results with traditional path editing tools would take considerable time and skill.

The Path Magic features combine and create outline objects in a number of very useful and powerful ways. Keep in mind that using the Path Magic features change your objects to new objects, so it's recommended that you save a copy of your original project as a backup so you can always go back in case the results are not as expected.

• Combine basic panel shapes to create custom backgrounds of almost any shape.

• Attach swashes and flourishes to text instantly.

• Punch text-shaped holes in other objects.

• Create clever logos, headlines & packaging art.

• Knock out overlapping objects, suitable for cutting out of vinyl.

• Clean up the edges of edited paths by overlaying oval or other shapes to "punch out" clean edges.